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To Prime Minister Harper

After a month of the Harper government and oil industry front groups issuing threatening and intimidating statements to voices that oppose their agenda, ForestEthics calls on Canadians to stand up.  These threats are not just allegations, they are confirmed by internal government documents that explicitly identify environmental and aboriginal groups as ďadversariesĒ and supposedly impartial federal regulators as "allies" in the governmentís strategy to increase tar sands exports. Stand up for democracy--sign our petition today.

Petition text:

Iím a Canadian. I care about Canadaís salmon rivers, our pristine West Coast, and wild places like the majestic Great Bear Rainforest. I care about the rights of Canadians to express any view point. And I wonít be silenced.

I speak for future generations. I speak for our ability to openly debate the issues. And I demand that the government stop its attack on democracy, our citizens, and our wilderness.

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